Frequently Asked Questions:


    What are the minimum requirements needed to setup the Participant application?
    To setup the AT&T Connect Participant application, a user's PC must run either Windows Vista, Windows 2000, or Windows XP (SP1 and SP2 are both supported), with either Internet Explorer 6.0 (or higher) or most forms of Netscape 4.7 or higher are supported. The computer must have at least 64 MB of RAM and the monitor must support at least High Color (16 bit) at 800 by 600 resolution.
    What is the AT&T Connect Participant application?
    The AT&T Connect Participant application is a web based client software that allows a user to actively attend and collaborate in an AT&T Connect live event or view a recorded event. A user connected can speak and/or listen, use graphic tools on the whiteboard, record, share applications, invite other participants to join the event and more.
    How do I setup the Participant application?Top
    AT&T Connect web conferencing hosts should set up the Participant application upon the receipt of the Teleconference Registration Confirmation and click on the appropriate link. If the host does not do this at the time of the initial setup, there are several other ways to set up the Participant application:
    Upon connecting to an AT&T Connect event, the system will recognize that your PC does not have the client software and will setup the software while connecting to the event.
    Alternatively, you may choose to manually setup the Participant client software from this website.

    Can I use a Mozilla or Firefox browser when connecting to AT&T Connect events?Top
    AT&T Connect does support the Mozilla or Firefox browser. However, if you connect to the Internet , you may choose to minimize the AOL browser and use Internet Explorer to attend the event. Alternatively, to access the ICC with a Firefox, you can use plugins available on the Internet such as from:
    Where can I learn more about how to use the AT&T Connect Participant application?
    Upon connecting to an event, an event overview page is displayed if no other item is currently loaded to the whiteboard. This page can be accessed by clicking on the information icon on the top right corner of the application. Quick start cards are available on this site.
    What is the Web Participant ?
    The AT&T Connect Web Participant is a browser-based client application that lets users participate in AT&T Connect Web Meetings without permanently installing any AT&T Connect software on their computers, and without third-party browser plug-ins or a Java Virtual Machine. The Web Participant enables meeting participation for users in transit, or users whose corporate security policies prevent them from downloading and installing the AT&T Connect Participant Application onto their desktops. The Web Participant runs in the most popular browsers on Windows, Macintosh, and Linux operating systems.
    What is the latest version of the AT&T Connect Participant application?
    The latest version of the AT&T Connect Participant application is 8.9.  You must have the Ver. 8.9 Participant software to participate in events on the Integrated Edition service. The participant application can be downloaded manually or automatically while connecting to your first event. Launch your Participant application (Start - Programs - AT&T Connect - AT&T Connect Participant) and in the Help - About, you will find the current version of the application setup on your PC. If your Participant client is already launched, click on Help - About to view its current version.
    What are the minimum system requirements for the Web Participant ?
    The AT&T Connect Web Participant supports the following operating systems and popular browsers: Microsoft Operating Systems: Windows 2000,XP, Vista 1. IE versions 6.0 and 7.0 Browsers:
    Internet Explorer Versions 6.0 or 7.0 (When working with IE 6, the browser options «Run ActiveX controls» and «Script ActiveX controls» must be enabled).
    Firefox versions 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0
    Linux users: Any flavor/version of Linux capable of supporting the indicated browser versions. MAC OS X 10.4 or later with the following browsers:
    Firefox versions 1.5, 2.0, and 3.0 Mac OS X 10.4 or later 1. Safari version 3.0.4
    Firefox version 2.0 and 3.0

    Is the Apple Mac PC compatible for using the AT&T Connect Participant application?Top
    The standard AT&T Connect Participant application does not support the Apple Mac PC. Mac users should connect to events via the Web Participant. Mac OS X 10.4 or later is supported with the following browsers: Safari 3.0.4, Firefox 2.0, Firefox 3.0
    A security message has appeared. Do I need to trust AT&T Connect content?
    To avoid having your browser launch the security certificate every time you connect to an AT&T Connect event with the Participant application, we strongly recommend selecting the «trust content from AT&T (Connect)» box.
    I see a blank, white page but nothing is happening. What should I do?Top
    If you don't need the full Participant application that contains various host controls, consider connecting with the Web Participant (which will launch in your browser). If, while setting up the Participant application, you see a blank white page and nothing appears to be happening, check to see that your web browser is set to allow ActiveX scripting. From the Internet Explorer interface, choose Tools - Internet Options - Security - Custom Level and enable «Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting».
    The Participant application has been loading for a while but nothing is happening. What should I do?
    If the setup of the Participant application has begun but is stuck, try connecting to the event again using the Web Participant (option should be displayed during the process of event entry). Check to see that your connection to the Internet or network is still alive. If the problem persists, disable any Anti-Virus or personal firewalls that may interfere with the download or setup process.
    I get an error message stating I cannot setup the application and must do so manually. What should I do?
    Click on the link to setup the Participant application manually. This will download the insstud.exe file to your PC. Double-click on the downloaded file to run the setup. Click on the «Return to catalog» to view the catalog page and enter the event again. If you don't need the full Participant application that contains various host controls, consider connecting with the Web Participant (which will launch in your browser).

Receiving a host account

    How do I know my Web Conferencing username and password?Top
    Generally, you should be receiving a Registration Email from AT&T Teleconferencing Services that contains your host access code and host password, as well as additional information you will need. If you are assigned as an AT&T Connect Web Conferencing host, your username is the email address you have been registered with and your password is typically your Host password. Unless you have changed it, this password should be available in your Registration Confirmation email. To learn more about changing your account profile (including features).
    What is the myAT&T desktop application ?
    The myAT&T desktop application is an extension of the AT&T Connect Participant application and is available as soon you complete the download and setup of the Participant application. The myAT&T application shortcut appears on your PC's desktop and is a host launch pad for scheduling, entering and inviting others to your AT&T Connect web conferencing events.
    How do I activate the myAT&T desktop application?
    In your host Registration Confirmation email, activate your myAT&T application by clicking on the "Activate" hyperlink appears in the Web Conference Service - Setup and Activation section. After that, your application will be available for use.
    How many attendees can join an AT&T Connect meeting?
    The Intergration Edition of AT&T Connect supports 125 participants in a single meeting.

Connecting to a Meeting/Event

    I cannot connect to an AT&T Connect server. What can I do?
    First, dial into the conference so you don't miss important parts of the call. If you are not the host, choose to connect using the Web Participant (the selection page should appear in the process of connecting to the event). If you still require the standard Participant application to connect to the event, make sure your network has an established connection to the Internet on HTTP (port 80) and HTTPS (port 443). If your network requires you to go through a web proxy, you may need to enter the proxy address manually (in most cases, the system should recognize this automatically). To do so, click on Start - Programs - AT&T Connect - AT&T Connect Participant Options - Tunnel and enter your proxy address and port in the correct field. Try to connect to the event again. If you have a personal firewall installed on your PC, verify that the AT&T Connect Participant application and push client are trusted for out-going traffic.
    I am trying to log into a Web Conference as a host but forgot my credentials. What can I do?
    If you are a registered host, log in with your Teleconferencing host username and password. These should appear in your registration email (unless you changed them). Your username is identical to your email address (as registered on the service) and password is identical to your teleconferencing host password.
    What should I do after I connect to the event?
    Upon connecting, you may see others who have joined. You can view them in the Participant list on the top right side of the application. At times the event’s moderator or facilitator may not have joined yet (this option to start with/without host configurable).
    My company uses a web proxy. Can I connect to an event?
    Yes. The AT&T Connect Participant can work with almost all web-proxies. The application will detect this upon connecting to a server during a live event from your browser settings. If you cannot connect to a server, you may need to manually enter your company’s web proxy address.
    During the conference, my PC disconnects. What should I do?
    Your PC may disconnect due to a network connectivity issue. If the network problem was brief, the Participant application should reconnect you immediately back to the event. If you were presenting during the disconnect, the presenting rights may have been transferred to another participant and you will need to request them back. If you have not re-connected automatically, access your event URL and log into the event again. In general, we recommend suppressing VPN client connections (that may limit your connection) and/or your Wireless connection to avoid these type of disconnects. Other disconnects may be loss of network connection in the office or by your ISP.
    Do I need a special key to get access to AT&T Connect events?
    No. All that is needed is to enter your event ID and host or participant code. If you are a host on the service, activate your myAT&T desktop launch pad during the registration process. This will ensure you can enter your meeting room events (or other events on the service) quickly and easily. You may also enter events directly from a URL, if provided to you. Hosts will need to enter their AT&T Connect host password as an added layer of security.


    How are the phones and PCs linked in an AT&T Connect event?
    The service supports an integration between PCs and phones. Participants that come in with both the PC and phone can link the two devices together or the active presenter can link them for a specific user. Once that is done, any speaker can be identified while speaking by viewing the Participant list in the application. By using your telephone keypad, the application will be affected accordingly (i.e: mute, un-mute, etc.)
    How do I link the PC and phone ?
    Three ways to link a PC and phone:
    When connecting to the event, be sure to FIRST connect with the PC. Follow the dial-in instructions page and choose the "dial-me" option to have the service call you. Your PC and phone will be subquentely linked.
    If you dialed in independently or before connecting with your PC, you can choose to manually link your PC and phone by entering the linkage code that appears on the dial-in instructions page.
    As an active presenter, you can link a participant in the meeting with a phone device. Be sure to identify the speaker (the speaker will appear as a guest). Rename the guest (right-click on the guest user's name and choose - 'rename"). Then, choose the option to link a user's pc and phone (right click on the user's name and link him/her to their phone).
    I dial in to the AT&T Connect service and cannot hear anything. What should I do?
    First, make sure you are calling the correct number and determine that you are in fact connected but no one is speaking. You may choose to have the service dial to you. If the problem persists, dial again (generally, a toll free and toll number appear in the dial-in page or invitation).